The Grudge


When someone dies in the moment of a powerful rage… a curse is born.


According to legend, Kayako was a lonely woman who met Taeko Saeki and fell in love with him. For a while everything went well. The couple married and had a son named Toshio. Their relationship took a violent turn when Taeko discovered Kayako’s diary. In the diary she described her fantasies with other men. Taeko killed her with a kitchen knife and broke her throat, leaving her to cool off in the attic of their house. He then drowned their son in the bathtub. Kayako tried to call for help but only one scary sound came out. Her cry, crying and footsteps of her son have since haunted anyone who came in contact with the house. Kayako’s spirit thirsting for revenge killed her husband. This led to the beginning of the curse that kills anyone who comes in contact with her home.
When one dies in the moment of a powerful rage… a curse is born. The curse finds refuge in the place of death.
Those who meet her will face her wrath.



After 21 years the business magnate Kasumi Yaga has decided to buy the closed mansion and is desperately looking for housekeepers, since no one wants to approach from the outside!

Are you brave enough?

High remuneration is given.

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